We value cooperation very highly, which is why we also call our clients, partners. Through long running partnerships, we have been able to achieve exceptional results, for the benefit of both parties. Our goal is to create and maintain relationships with our partners that are based on two main ideas. First idea is that we get to know your company, so we can create a high performing custom solution. Secondly, when you are trying to optimise, we are waiting to help you, with our expertise. Thereby, we together are bringing your business one step ahead by proactively innovating your production. A great example of a mutually beneficial partnership is our work with Convatec.


Any person with years of experience in plastic and moulds has a number of situations that stand crystal clear in their memory. These memories can both be the product of great successes and large challenges.

In the case of Convatec, this a memory was when they stood in front of a large challenge, namely that their existing tools could neither produce efficiently, nor live up to the sky high standards of the medico industry. Therefore they were in the market for new tools to produce catheter funnels in DryFlex material. This is where we at Winther Mould Technology play our part.

As always, our approach was, to conduct a thorough analysis of the situation based on our experience and in depth knowledge of the client’s production system. We uncovered severe problems including subjects being contaminated by the tools, and parts sticking together, which led to breakdowns of the production system.

We recommended a full service solution for Convatec that was customised for their needs. Our solution consisted of a tool, controlled by servo-technology both on the two-jawed set and the HotRunner. The entire tool is controlled by our Mould-Controller, which optimises the production and minimises downtime. The Mould-Controller is is developed in-house and thereby is perfectly fitted for our tools.

The newly developed moulds are now up and running at Convatec. Our solution dramatically increased overall productivity by for example lowering cycle time from 14 to 9 seconds – a massive 35 % improvement. Furthermore the subjects were suspended in mid-air so no contamination or sticking took place.

This is merely a single, but definitely not unique, example of how Winther Mould Technology works to optimise your production. We develop a customised solution with focus both on efficiency but also on improving the quality of your products.

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