What we do

Winther Mould Technology is a highly specialized mould technology manufacturer. We are one step ahead in the development of highly, productive, reliable precision moulds for the medico-industry. Through decades of experience, we have achieved an expertise within this niche. The medico-industry has high standards for reporting and documentation and we have worked hard to exceed these standards. This is very clear, as our tolerance is only 5 ยต in everything we produce. And nothing leaves the factory without living up to these clear goals.

By exceeding the industry standards, we are able to track each and every component produced in our factory from cradle to grave. Thereby, we know everything about the tools we have produced, from where and how they are implemented to lifetime value and productivity. This is a time consuming, but very valuable process that also cements our commitment to quality tools. By keeping track of our tools, we are each day holding ourselves accountable to our ambitious goals.

Furthermore, our substantial cooperation with companies in the medico sector, has allowed us to be very cost effective without compromising on quality. We value that our products help save lives, and we are proud of this fact.

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