Our history

In 1967, the 23-year old Kenneth Winther started his venture into die-casting – A/S Kenneth Winther Værktøjsfabrik was formed. From the start in die-casting, this quickly transitioned into a small-scale production of custom tools for the medical and technical industries. Choosing these industries was a logical move, and focus was on giving the customers the best solutions. The niche that Kenneth had stumbled upon quickly became larger and it has kept growing ever since. Kenneth has throughout his career, and still has, a unique composition of technical acumen and an eye for detail. These values permeate everything we do and allow us to serve the customer with the best possible solution.

The highly specialized tools we provide are sought after globally due to our many years of experience. This experience means that we deliver tools of unrivalled quality and efficiency. Also the values of the company, which are directly related to the founding ideas of Kenneth Winther, are paramount for our success. We are constantly innovating to achieve the best solutions. Furthermore, we put a personal pride in the quality of our tools, which means no item leaves the plant without a test report and a test sample.

We are on the verge of a new and exciting chapter in our history. From start July 2014, our new name is Winther Mould Technology. This name recognizes our heritage from Kenneth Winther but also symbolizes our ambition of supplying even more internationally. Our tools know no borders, and we are very excited for the future path for Winther Mould Technology.

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