At Winther Mould Technology, we have a simple, but very demanding philosophy of business. We design, make and service tools according to the specific needs of each of our customers. When we make tools custom for each customer, we are able to optimise on most every situation. Through many years of experience, we have managed to combine the shortest possible cycle time, in some cases less than two seconds, with durability and reliability in the tools.

The tools produced at Winther Mould Technology’s modern factory have a tolerance of maximum 5 ยต. Everything is tested and checked multiple times, in order to ensure the stringent demands we set ourselves are met. By ensuring the precision in our moulds, we are able to offer a unique solution that will keep maintenance time at a bare minimum. The precision of our tools, coupled with our high levels of documentation, allow us to send out spare parts that are ready to insert directly into the mould and re-start production almost immediately. Therefore, no last minute adjustments are necessary to ensure the fit of the component.

We are also very proud of our controller that is a unique offer from Winther Mould Technology. Our controller is our electronic solution, developed in house and custom built for our products. The controller is developed in order to protect the tools and thereby minimizing the risk of human error. We have faith in our controller, which is why we challenge everybody that visits our factory to try to force a breakdown in the machine. Nobody has succeeded yet!

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